For over 20 years Mike Fountain has been fascinated with the thoughts, actions, beliefs and behaviour of people. Why they do what they do, why do some people create successful businesses, why do some people achieve great success in their personal and professional life, what makes a team perform at a high level? Mike continues to develop his understanding of what successful people and teams do, that others don’t.

This fascination has led to in-depth learning and study on the topics of cognitive behavioural psychology, mind science, communication and influence skills, performance strategies, personal development techniques, productivity and business development strategies.

He’s also a registered coach with Athletics Northern Ireland and is a member of their Coach Education Team, responsible for training new running coaches. This allows him to combine his experience of successful performance strategies with his knowledge of health and fitness.

Mike’s ongoing learning, combined with over 15 years business and performance coaching has provided him with a unique and interesting perspective on performance and success.

Mike says that there are 4 Key Areas that determine the level of high performance everyone achieves.

These are the 4-Pillars of High Performance:

  • Mindset – This includes your assumptions, beliefs, values, passion, purpose and fears
  • Focus – This includes how consistent you are, how present you are in the moment, your ability to communicate and influence yourself and others
  • Energy – This includes your enthusiasm, vitality, health and wellbeing
  • Productivity – This includes your daily behaviours and strategies, daily planning, time management and problem solving skills. Business owners also learn how to use the “4-key Business Functions” and the “5 Ways Chart for Business Strategies”.

The key to achieving high performance is continual improvement in each of these key areas. This is what Mike cares passionately about… helping you improve your performance.


Mike delivers presentations and workshops to a range of private, public and professional organisations across the UK. He also continues to work with a number of one-to-one clients on weekly/monthly coaching programmes, from across Europe and the U.S. They tend to be professionals,  business owners (SME and larger corporations) and entrepreneurs. He is also regularly involved in coach education with Athletics NI as well as coaching young sportspeople in local sports clubs and schools.